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Based in central Florida, it all began with the love of all animals and Saving Livy (Olivia Queen) from the hood of our car at 2 ½ weeks old in the parking lot of a supermarket. Raising a neonate from scratch changed our lives.

Livy saved us when we needed her. We won’t stop till we save as many kitties within our coverage area as we possibly can. Our goal is to find everyone their purrfect match for a true Livy Ever After!


The team at Saving Livy Cat Rescue is driven by the desire to make the world a better place for all cats and kittens. We do it all: trapping feral stray cats on the street for TNR in our own colonies or those of people who are unable to do so themselves, fostering kittens in need to vet them for their furever homes and so much more.


The Lifesaving Process of Trap Neuter Return

Trap: Humanely trap all the cats in a colony. A colony is a group of cats living outdoors together.

Neuter (or spay): Take the cats in their traps to a veterinarian or clinic to be neutered, vaccinated, and eartipped (the universal symbol of a surgically sterilized and vaccinated cat.

Return: After the cats recover, return them to their outdoor home where they were originally trapped and are fed.

Image by Zane Lee

TNR Rental Traps & Supplies

No products for trapping are available for purchase.

Traps used for TNR are available to rent with a $75 deposit (it will not be charged unless trap is not returned or is damaged upon return to Saving Livy).

Important supplies to have on hand for trapping are newspapers or pee pads to line the trap, enticing food (i.e., fried chicken, sardines in oil, tuna, mackerel, etc.) to draw out the cats and old sheets/towels/blankets to cover the trap once a feral cat is contained for surgery.

TNR Benefits

  • Improves the lives of free-roaming feral cats in a humane manner

  • Stops them from marking territory

  • Eliminates unwanted litters of sick kittens

  • Prevents cat fights over mates

  • Puts an end to the forced physical attack on female cats forced to give birth/nurse baby kittens

  • Reduces shelter admissions of “unadoptable cats”

  • Ends the unsuccessful catch-kill method of euthanizing stray cats

  • Creates a safer community of vaccinated colony cats

  • Do away with the behaviors of cats that lead to nuisance complaints

  • Significantly decrease the overpopulation of the cats within our local community

Volunteer Work

Are you interested in doing some volunteer hours within the cat/kitten community that will leave you feeling extremely rewarded?

There are many ways to volunteer with Saving Livy Cat Rescue.

  • Transport cats/kittens to/from the veterinary clinic to be sterilized and ear-tipped on specific days of the week

  • Pick-up cats/kittens from finder or owner surrender to their new foster home

  • Take fosters to the vet for check-ups, treatment, surgery, etc.

  • Trap cats for our TNR program

  • Grab donations (food, litter, toys, bedding, blankets/towels, medical supplies, etc.) from donors and bring in to the rescue

  • Attend community adoption events

  • Hand out flyers about our mission and what we do

  • And more...



If you are interested and have experience fostering newborn kittens that need bottle feeding, growing baby cats that need socialization or adult friendlies that have been abandoned, click below to fill out our foster application and await our response.

Adopt Don't Shop

Looking to expand your family, giving a sweet kitty their furever home?

We have several kittens and cats available for adoption at the moment. To see who is ready, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

We want to find your purrfect match and give you your Livy Ever After!


If you have already selected a kitty and are working with us, click below to fill out your adoption application and background check.


Contact Us

(386) 343-2390

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Image by The Lucky Neko
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